Cor-Pak VpCI Stretch Film with Corrosion Inhibitors

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  • Cor-Pak VpCI Stretch Film is the ultimate high performance film, developed for corrosion protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • This film is coextruded using state-of-the-art resins, which offers superior strength and stretch characteristics as well as multimetal corrosion inhibiting properties that only VpCI technology can deliver
  • Cor-Pak VpCI Stretch Film delivers puncture resistance and load holding, which allows a user to down-gauge, contain aggressive loads, and produce a better package at reduced cost
  • The combination of enhanced polyethylene resins with VpCI technology makes Cor-Pak VpCI Stretch Film the most advanced corrosion inhibiting stretch film available today on the market



  • Cor-Pak VpCI Stretch Film is compatible with commercially available manual and automatic stretch wrapping equipment.



  • Does not contain polyisobutylene (PIB) or other tackifiers in cling layer, allowing discarded stretch film to be recycled
  • Does not leave residue on parts
  • Provides multimetal corrosion protection with VpCI action
  • Protected parts can be used immediately without cleaning or degreasing
  • More economical and secure than tape, twine, or strapping
  • Holds protected parts securely in place
  • Self-adhering film bonds to each layer for added strength
  • Helps keep dust, dirt, and moisture off warehouse stock
  • Superior performance in light gauges allows downgauging and cost effectiveness
  • Can be applied with standard equipment
  • Excellent clarity and cling
  • Up to a 3:1 stretch ratio
  • FDA approved for use on food handling equipment
  • Recyclable, environmentally friendly



  • Available in standard machine film sizes and gauges. Contact Cortec Customer Service for inquiries and custom requirements
  • Cor-Pak VpCI Stretch Film should be stored indoors at room temperature, sealed in its original packaging.

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