Aboveground Storage Tanks Corrosion Protection

AST storage tanks

Soil-side corrosion of aboveground storage tanks is a chronic problem in the world at large. Corrosion of the underside of the tank bottom plates leads to metal loss and ultimately perforations in the tank floor. The results of such failures are dramatic on multiple fronts: unscheduled interruptions, loss of product, costly repairs, and environmental impact and safety concerns.

VpCI® for mitigation of tank floor corrosion

The use of amine carboxylate Vapor Phase Corrosion inhibitor (VpCI) technology has grown significantly over the last decade.

Corrologic® AST engineered systems are economical, effective, and can be installed on a retroflect basis without disrupting tank service.  VpCI’s are effective alone, or in combination with Cathodic Protection.

It is important to recognize that VpCI chemistry/technology is very mature and well proven for over 30 years. VpCI solutions for corrosion mitigation are utilized by many major corporations around the world for a wide variety of applications.

These environmentally friendly products are effective for prevention of metal corrosion in three phases:

1. On the surface of the steel in contact with the sand tank pad materials

2. At the air/sand interface

3. In the vapor space above the sand.

Corrologic Above Storage Tank (AST)

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